Business Services

We work where you work. We understand your business must communicate with the world at the same speed as big cities. We can provide your business the fiber fast network it requires, the pricing your want and the reliability it deserves. Call us now to get started!

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Fiber Internet

NewDawn Fiber connects your business to the internet at fiber-fast speed. We have options available to fit your need for speed and your budget. There are no data caps, and our brand new custom designed fiber network allows us to offer the reliability you need and deserve.

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We offer clear VoIP business phone service with convenient features, security and fiber reliability. Our next generation system will give you the worry-free service your business deserves.

Business Fiber Basic
  • Price is monthly

  • 150 megabits

  • Good option for smaller businesses

Business Fiber Plus
  • Price is monthly

  • 1 gig

  • Lightening fast speed

Non-Profit Fiber Internet
  • Option is only available for non-profits

  • Price is monthly

  • 50 megabits

Business Static IP Address
  • Pricing is monthly per IP address
Business Wi-Fi
  • Pricing is monthly per AP
  • Install fee of $75 per AP
Business Phone
  • Price is monthly per line
  • Includes free long distance in continental US
  • Contact us about phone purchase options!